Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors because her writing is alive. Her voice jumps off the page making it feel like she is a treasured friend sitting down to talk. When reading Kingsolver, I find myself treasuring my reading time the way I treasure time spent with friends.

High Tide in Tucson, is a collection of essays by Kingsolver that were at times uplifting, occasionally heartbreaking, and always brutally impactful. I kept trying to decide which essay was my favorite, but it became impossible to choose. I cannot even lay out a few favorites because the list quickly grows too long to be useful or meaningful. I will say that these touched me as a mother, an appreciator of written word, a woman, and a human.

If you have ever read anything by Barbara Kingsolver, then you know that you just read anything you find written by her. I don’t need to tell you to read High Tide in Tucson. If, however, you have never read Barbara Kingsolver then, by all means, get started. I sipped a cup of ginger tea because it provides a sense of warm but brutal honesty.


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