Reading a diary always feels like spying. It leaves you a little too close to the author and you desperately want to help them or be there for them. Go Ask Alice is honest and that honesty is painful. Drug addiction is a terrible issue that our world is caught in. We forget to treat the addicts like people and we forget to be kind, to be loving. It is painfully obvious when reading, Go Ask Alice, that the author and the others like her are desperate for some love and understanding.

In a time when nearly everyone knows someone who has overdosed, this book is difficult to read. When you read the writings while she is high, you find yourself struggling to even find the same person there. Then when she comes down from a high, her words return to her personality. This is a heartbreaking read because you want to reach through the pages and save her. Unfortunately, drug addiction isn’t simple.

While Go Ask Alice breaks your heart about an issue that is happening in your neighborhood, on your street, and maybe in your home, go drink some chamomile. You can relax in the comfort of chamomile tea and struggle with the big issues of drug addiction.


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