I Am Malala blew me away with Malala’s courage, her passion and the chance to see the events of the world through her eyes. She spoke of events that were happening to her and her home that I can remember flooding my TV. It was eye-opening to see the differences in the way these same events were presented to us. It reminds me that everyone has their own reality based on their own experience. I think the best part of reading is the ability to have a window into another person’s reality and to add their perspective to your own. I am so grateful that this book exists.

Malala Yousfzai is courageous and passionate in a way that I dream of being. She fears being known as only ‘the girl who was shot by the Taliban’ instead she wants to be known as ‘the girl who stood up for education’.  I think when you read her story, you realize that being shot by the Taliban is just something that happened to her, but her passion for education is what really stands out. This passion is what spoke to me from the book.

The combination of her passion and her perspective were deeply moving for me. I sipped some chai tea with (almond) milk while reading and enjoyed the way the spices were powerful and kind. It felt like the perfect combination for Malala and her passionate story.

Read this book. Please. Especially if you are living in America at this time. Islamophobia is dangerous. Open your heart and your mind – see that people are just people.



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