The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler was, unfortunately, a challenging read for me. I grew up in a very strict Christian home. Sexuality, even biology,  was never discussed and if mentioned was presented as dirty or bad. I’m a feminist and yet I struggle with the simple vocabulary for my body. It’s disappointing and I am happy that The Vagina Monologues exist so that it can challenge me and others like me.

The book talks about the need to simply say vagina and talk about vaginas so that they are not forgotten. I think that as women we need to reclaim our bodies and I think that The Vagina Monologues is important to this mission.

I do worry about how a focus on the vagina may make feminism not intersectional or may make trans-women feel excluded. There is, however, a fair amount of inclusion for lesbians in the text.

I will warn you that The Vagina Monologues is not for the faint of heart. If you are a woman, who like me, isn’t necessarily the most comfortable with your own anatomy then maybe you need to read it. Drink some strong black tea though, I drank English Breakfast tea. You may even want to consider making your tea ‘Irish’.


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