It is my personal opinion that when I take the time to read a book it should give me something. It should change me, grow me, challenge me, or allow me to experience something new. If I were just looking to be entertained, I would watch tv.

Paulo Coelho has become a favorite author of mine because he challenges and changes me. The Alchemist is a book that has been translated into 56 languages because it challenges and changes everyone who reads it.

Coelho has a different perspective on life than most of us. It is a perspective that is more at peace with life and death. A perspective that calls you to wonder about things like souls, purposes of life, and omens.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation.” — The Alchemist

In The Alchemist we are told, “To realize one’s personal destiny is a person’s only real obligation.” This book made me think about my own personal destiny, to ponder the Soul of the World, to think about God in a grain of sand, and to examine the things that stop you from reaching your personal destiny. You mind is allowed to explore these thoughts alongside Santiago as he journeys on his personal destiny.

I love the way this book challenged my thoughts and helped me gain a new perspective. Personally, I enjoyed a glass of wine but I would recommend peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is refreshing and awakening, which is good for focusing on this beautiful story.


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