Charles Dickens is an author who people sometimes put off reading expecting the language to be difficult or confusing. Some readers are slow to read ‘the classics’ in fear that it will be too much of a struggle to read. Listen to me now – read Dickens. Charles Dickens is easy to understand, witty, and generally a very enjoyable read. I love reading A Christmas Carol at Christmas time as it embodies the spirit of the season and makes it feel like Christmas time.

A Christmas Carol has been adapted time and time again but nothing beats the original. Dikens paints vivid images, creates unforgettable characters, surprises with wit, and generally entertains the reader. I recommend A Christmas Carol to anyone interested in a first reading of Dickens or simply looking for a good Christmastime read.

Basilur’s Frosty Afternoon tea is my favorite Christmas tea, therefore it is my recommended companion to my favorite Christmas reading. Frosty Afternoon conjures feelings of winter and since my Christmas’ are southern, it is my only connection to the blistery winter described in A Christmas Carol. So cuddle up, sip some tea, and enjoy a Charles Dickens Christmas classic.


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