Angelo is interesting and I enjoyed reading. I think I liked it. Yes, I think I liked it. I am honestly not certain. The characters are fairly well-rounded and relatable, the plotline is intriguing, the air of magic or mystery is truly enjoyable, and yet I’m not sure that I liked it. The ending for me was just not quite right. I’m not sure what wasn’t right, but something was just off for me.

My recommendation is to read it and see how the ending works for you. I really enjoyed the narrator as it is unlike any other narrator I have ever experienced in a book. Honest yet possibly untrustworthy, conversational and yet separate. Angelo is truly an interesting read, unlike anything I have ever read.

I liked chai tea while reading as it reflects a little bit of the mystery and magic that the story holds. I prefer my chai tea with a splash of almond milk to make it cozy. I can’t accurately describe Angelo, so I apologize for this rambling review.





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