Beowulf is a piece of literature that I somehow had never managed to read. As an individual with a degree in English Lit. it seemed inappropriate that I had never taken the time to read what is considered the oldest surviving epic poem written in Old English. In all honesty, I was not overly excited to read Beowulf. It was more a feeling of obligation that made me pick up this thin book.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by Beowulf. The story moves quickly with enjoyable details that bring the setting and characters to life. Beowulf is a stereotypical protagonist and plays the hero perfectly. I had been worried that the text might be difficult to follow, but I found the only tricky areas were that the same character would be referenced in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, the text was easy to follow and enjoyable to read. It is an undisputed important work of English Lit and I recommend that anyone interested in English Literature take the time to read Beowulf.

I chose to drink thistle tea while reading because I found the earthy nature to fit well with both the story line and the Old English text. I prefer thistle tea with honey or agave nectar over other sweeteners. Thistle tea with honey combines into a sweet but grounded flavor that pairs well with Beowulf. 


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