The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom is a feel good novel that shows out the dark nature of time. Before reading The Time Keeper, I never thought about the way humans cling to time. We are the only living creatures to obsess over time and to beg it to bend to our will.  Our obsession over time steals from us the ability to just be present.

A beautiful humanization of the iconic Father Time provides a fresh way to appreciate life instead of time. The Time Keeper provided me with a new perspective on how to appreciate my loved ones instead of hoarding time.

The message behind The Time Keeper struck an emotional cord with me. I found chamomile tea to be a great comfort. I think The Time Keeper was an important read for me because as a new mom time can be my worst enemy. Time slips through my fingers as he grows too quickly and crawls by painfully when he wails at 4am. I am thankful for a reminder to forget about time and I think you will be too.



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