The Martian by Andy Weir is a gripping and intelligent read. I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in the story and actually found myself laughing out-loud. Mark Watney although, stranded on Mars and facing almost certain death is witty and crudely humorous. Watney is an impressive character: he remains humorous during the worst of circumstances, solves seemingly unsurmountable problems, and is the person we would hope to be in similar circumstances.

I was skeptical about a story that involved a character stranded alone. Monologues are not generally the most intriguing of reads, but Watney’s journal logs paired with the stories of Earth and the crew create a truly intriguing story.

Even though the story is an interesting and quick read, the plot is reliant on the reader understanding a fair amount of science. I could understand how a reader may become bogged down in the science and lose interest in the plot. If, however, the reader works to understand the science then they are in for a good read.

Although the story hinges on fairly complicated science, I could still feel deeply for Watney. The loneliness, cold, hunger, and fear are ever present so I counteracted it with a cozy caramel vanilla chai tea. I found a delicious recipe at Mom on Timeout. You will need something both physically and emotionally warming as you read The Martian.


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