Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson felt like reading four amazing novels wrapped up in one package. There is the intriguing court case full of surprises, a tale of forlorn young lovers, the gripping look into racism against the Japenese, & a war novel. These four stories are tied seamlessly together by memorable characters and mystery.

Guterson tackles the difficult issues of racism, braving the rarely talked about Japanese internment camps. He provides a poignant view into the racism faced by the Japanese-Americans following Pearl Harbor and it casts an eerie shadow on our world today.

This commentary on how racism penetrates society is skillfully hidden in wonderful storytelling. You will find yourself awed by the beauty of the island, cautious of the power of nature and saddened by the weakness of the human spirit when filled with fear.

Basilur’s Frosty Afternoon goes perfectly with this snowy setting and harsh conditions of the human heart. Guterson describes the wintery weather so well that you feel the need to be warmed. The citrus undertone to this black tea will warm you perfectly while you enjoy the frosty grip of Snow Falling on Cedars.



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