Cormac McCarthy wrote one of the darkest books that I have read in a long time. The Road tells the story of a father and son as they try to survive in a barren post-apocalyptic world. The characters are never given names which makes them only exist in relation to each other. They are completely dependent on the love that exists between them because without that love there is no need to exist.

McCarthy explores the terrifying idea of a father who must teach his son that suicide would be better than dying at the hands of the cannibals. At one point, the father ponders what he would do if the son couldn’t kill himself, “Could you crush that beloved skull with a rock? Is there such a being within you of which you know nothing? (McCarthy, 115)” This struck a very emotional nerve with me as I thought of my own sweet boy. I couldn’t imagine the pain of knowing that to save your son you might have to kill him.

I recommend Zhenas Fire Light Chai tea when reading The Road. The name fits nicely as it reminds me of how the two main characters say that they carry the fire. The sweet spice of the tea provides a nice warming feeling while your mind explores the dark themes. So join the characters in carrying the fire and start reading!


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