I will be completely honest, I re-read Wuthering Heights because I really disliked it when I read it years ago. Upon a second reading, I can say that it is still not my favorite but I can truly appreciate it as a piece of writing. I find the storyline too dark and the characters unbelievable. Young Catherine is too naive, Heathcliff is too dark, and Linton is too weak. I was hoping to have grown to love Wuthering Heights, but it just doesn’t work for me.

The writing, however, is powerfully done and really captures human emotions well. When Bronte writes the scene of Heathcliff mourning the loss of his love, I could feel his pain. The way Emily Bronte depicts emotions is the most honest and believable writing of emotions that I have ever read. So although I cannot say I enjoy Wuthering Heights, I am very much impressed with the writing itself.

The mood of the book is cold and dark, which makes it perfect to read with a steaming cup of tea. I recommend a London Fog while reading Wuthering Heights. You need this comforting drink as you read of love lost, abuse, death, kidnapping, and betrayal. A traditional London Fog is earl grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrupIf, like me, you are feeling lazy just brew some earl grey, add a splash of milk, and a few drops of vanilla extract. It might not be as pretty but it still tastes amazing. Warm, sweet, & slightly citrusy it is the exact opposite of Wuthering Heights. Although Wuthering Heights is not my favorite, it is definitely an important piece of literature and I can understand why many love it so much.


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