Term Limits is a quick hitting political drama. In the first fifty pages, there are three well planned and executed assassinations of corrupt politicians. A group of morally bound assassins challenges Washington to clean up their corrupt partisan politics or they will continue killing. Instead of cleaning up, Washington puts forward its worst behavior. It results in a page-turning novel that will entice and entertain.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Term Limits. Vince Flynn crafts a truly intriguing novel that although purely entertaining does scratch the surface of issues like the idea of justified killing and violent revolution. I personally loved his character of Senator Olsen who opposes the violence based on the precedent it would set and how it bypasses democracy.

Although I loved various aspects of Term Limits, I have a few critiques. I think that Vince Flynn included some characters that were not necessary to the plot and it became difficult to keep track of them. He also would jump from point of view by simply starting a new paragraph a more definitive break would have made the storyline easier to follow. I did, however, love the use of multiple points of view as it helped keep the suspense.

In the end, I really enjoyed reading Term Limits. Instead of recommending tea, I’m actually going to suggest black coffee because based on my experience with government it runs on strong coffee. Personally, I enjoy black coffee but if it isn’t your thing go ahead and sweeten away. The sweetened coffee will still go well with the book, but a good coffee will taste great black (just be careful not to burn or it will be bitter).


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