Of Mice and Men gave me one of the worst book-hangovers I have ever experienced. When I was reading this novella it was sad, but afterwards when I had time to reflect it was much worse. The more I thought over Candy and his dog, the hopelessness of the various characters, and the friendship between George and Lennie it just broke my heart. This story will make you feel a deep form of sorrow, not necessarily the kind that brings tears, but more likely just a deep and hollow sorrow in your chest.

Steinbeck packed this quick little read with profound imagery and foreshadowing. Similar to other works by Steinbeck, the importance of male relationships dominates the story but it is supported by strong writing. The imagery is powerful and evokes all of your senses. When Steinbeck describes the barn, you actually feel like the barn is there in front of you. This ability to conjure images is what I love most in his writing.

Italian Chamomile tea is the perfect drink for Of Mice and Men, because it is a slightly spiced tasting chamomile over the more common chamomile tea. Steinbeck’s tale has a friendship that much like chamomile is warm and comforting, but there is something more, something deeper that matches the rich nature of Italian Chamomile. Plus once Of Mice and Men breaks your heart, the Italian Chamomile will be there to help put it back together.


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