David Sedaris writes in his expected brutally honest and self-deprecating style that manages to take everyday experiences, like going to the dentist, and use them to point out what we hate most about ourselves. As a reader, you have to prepare to read Sedaris. You must be ready to laugh at one moment and then be surprised to find some of your darkest traits exposed through his life experiences. Sedaris has the unique ability to take the most mundane of experiences, find a common human trait, and expose it in painfully funny prose.

In Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, Sedaris explores his life with a reoccurring theme of death. He seeks forgiveness from a Sea Turtle for killing sea turtle babies as a child and searches for a taxidermy owl as a Valentines day gift. Stories that seem unconnected at first somehow flow perfectly together in this collection of essays.  Sedaris enthrals us by opening his world to us. He writes, “It’s not lost on me that I’m so busy recording life, I don’t have time to really live it” (233), but by recording his life for us we can join him in living it.

When reading Sedaris, it is good to have a strong and straight forward drink. I enjoyed pairing Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls with Irish Breakfast Tea sweetened with sugar. Irish Breakfast Tea is a bold tea which matches the witty and equally bold writing of Sedaris. So make yourself a cup of tea and get ready to laugh at things you would have never thought could be funny.

David Sedaris and Irish Breakfast Tea
David Sedaris and Irish Breakfast Tea

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