Book Review of The Alienist by Caleb Carr
The Alienist with Whiskey Flavored Tea

If you are looking for an engaging crime mystery, I recommend The Alienist by Caleb Carr. He crafts an intriguing historical mystery hunting down a gruesome serial killer. The combination of complex characters working through new psychological and crime solving tactics places a new spin on the typical crime novel. Engaging writing allows the reader to uncover the identity alongside the detective team while the historical setting serves as a nice balance to the gruesome nature of the crimes committed by the unknown assailant.

The Alienist focuses on an unlikely team, composed of an Alienist (psychologist), Journalist, two detectives, and a female who is challenging stereotypes by trying to become a detective. The team faces not only the challenge of finding the serial killer, but also they must fight the interference of various groups who do not want them looking into the killings.

This story ties in famous characters like Theodore Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan to give the story a believable tie to the real world. It also exposes the grim conditions that immigrants faced while talking about taboo subjects like child prostitution and cannibalism. The morbid nature of the novel piques the interest of the dark corners of the human mind and makes for quite a page turner.

When devouring this book, I recommend a whiskey flavored tea because it matches the deeper and darker tones of the story. Whiskey tea is best flavored with a local honey.

Caleb Carr’s The Alienist is one of the best crime novels that I have ever read and I certainly recommend it for your to read list.


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