Legend by Marie Lu with Peppermint Tea
Legend by Marie Lu with Peppermint Tea

This book may have been the most fun I have had reading since the Harry Potter Series. Marie Lu uses a dynamic imagery to create a true page turner. The story has enough action and romance to entice any reader. The story falls under the category of young adult but do not pass it up based on the genre. Virtually any reader can fall in love with the characters and be swept away by the action.

Legend focuses on the adventures of two young teens with very different pasts. The characters live in what used to be the western United States, but the area is now known as the Republic. The story focuses on two powerful teen characters. Day is a young male who is born into the harsher side of life. A life of poverty and some unfortunate circumstances cause Day to become a rebel. He might be the Republic’s Most Wanted Criminal, but he has a sweet heart. His love of family and the care he shows for a young orphan provide a well-rounded character.

June is the opposite of Day. A prodigy from a rich family with a military star for a brother, she could not be any less like Day, or so it seems at first. June is the smartest and most talented individual in the Republic, but she has a knack for trouble and a love of adventure.

When June’s brother is murdered Day becomes the primary suspect. June is placed on the case and she must challenge her long-held beliefs on the quest to find her brother’s murderer. The story focuses on this adventure and is certainly hard to put down.

Marie Lu created loveable characters and an exciting storyline. I recommend this book to all readers, but this book would be a great book for trying to get a young person reading. The story is reminiscent of books like Fahrenheit 451  and Nineteen Eighty-Four.

If you are looking for an enjoyable read DO NOT MISS Legend by Marie Lu. It is a series so be sure to check out the other books, I know I will!

I recommend pairing this book with a peppermint tea and sweetening with sugar. The minty freshness matches the energy of the plot.


I have finally read the next two books by Marie Lu! Prodigy and Champion finish out the trilogy and are strong young adult novels. As I continued reading Marie Lu, I really noticed the ability of Marie Lu to write believable dialogue. The writing of dialogue is one of the most difficult things for writers and Marie Lu truly has a command of teenage language. Her dialogue is perfect and the characters would be easily relatable for young readers.


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